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Friday, December 2, 2011

Advent has begun!

The wonderful Christmas season has begun. Every year since Nathan was born, we have taken the Advent season as a time for family devotionals and sharing together. We start on December 1st and continue until Christmas Day. It is a beautiful way of sharing together and getting ready for the grand celebration of Jesus' birth.

Last night we began Advent night #1. We watched a beautiful DVD about the Nativity and talked about the angel Gabriel (also the topic from Sunday school last Sunday). We are focusing on the verse "Your king is coming" Matthew 21:5... even though that verse is found in the context of the Triumphal Entry, it serves as a wonderful way of helping Nathan understand that we are waiting for the "arrival" of our King, Jesus Christ.

It always amazes me how Nathan can be so hyperactive and as soon as I put on the Nativity DVD he sits on the couch in awe. I sit with him and highlight the scenes and characters that we are focusing on that night. Last night it was Gabriel and Zacharias. I use our own family pictures to help him make connections: Zacharias was Mary's uncle, like Nathan's uncles Scott and Dave. It really is a beautiful way to share... and looking at the pictures helps Nathan preview all the family members we will celebrate Christmas with. It's a win-win!

I found these great inexpensive craft kits that we could make together as a family. Last night we made our angel Gabriel and practiced our verse. I hope to take pictures of Nathan each night to document Advent this year. Trying to get him to sit still for the camera was quite an adventure but ended up being a whole lot of fun! Unfortunately for the craft angel, Nathan had a blast whipping it around like a fan towel at a NBA game... and it held up! Here is a sequence of pictures I was able to take... hope they bring a smile to your face, too! Blessings!

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