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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Ketchup to my Fries

Yes, I am a self-proclaimed "foodie," but I must confess one of my guilty pleasures in life is french fries. I LOVE fries!!! Take away all sweets but don't mess with my fries! I love the crunchy salty ones the best...YUM! But, as delicious as fries are to me, there's one thing that ALWAYS makes them better: ketchup! Ketchup and fries have been going together since...well, let's just say it's been quite the relationship between those two!

It is so interesting to me that my little guy LOVES fries and ketchup: together AND separately. No doubt, though, fries and ketchup are his preferred food on this planet. I was thinking about this and came to the conclusion that my husband and I are like fries and ketchup. Confused? Well, I'd like to think that by myself I'm pretty good (like fries) but it is my husband who, like the ketchup to the fries, makes me better. He is "the ketchup to my fries!" The little man loves us both separately but no doubt that when he's with his mommy and daddy he is in heaven!

Not a lot of people know, or remember, how my hubby and I ended up here. We grew up together as kids (not really liking each other much) and stayed connected for years through the church. In the early 90's I found my best friend, my BFF...and that was him! This August we celebrated 14 years of marriage. We've sure had some ups and downs but through it all he has held my hand and pulled me through. He almost lost me right after I gave birth, but God allowed me to stay here on earth to enjoy a lifetime with my best friend and our little bundle of joy...yet joy was not quite what we felt after our new addition came along. He was fussy, cried more than most babies and seemed to have inherited the most annoying traits from every possible family member! He was a tough baby, not one you could just leave with a sitter. Well, there went our private time for each other! When the "A bomb" dropped (diagnosis) we were both relieved but terrified of what was to come and what it would do to our marriage!

My husband is the BEST daddy I know!!! He has sacrificed so much and works so hard for our family. He is 200% dedicated to the little man's care and manages to take care of me in the process. I sometimes jokingly ask him to show me the "S" on his chest. Surely only a superhero can handle everything he does: provider, caregiver, homemaker (yes, it's true!), financial planner, handyman, car mechanic, sound engineer, plumber, electrician and official bug squisher! And that's only a portion of what he does! He is a good man, a good God-fearing Christian man who carries my load so I can be the best mommy possible to our little guy.

I am so blessed to have such an amazing man, not just as my husband, but as my best friend. In this crazy puzzle we live in we often get so overwhelmed by caring for our children that the most important people pay the price. I guess that's why the divorce rates are so high in families who have children with special needs. My husband is the ketchup to my fries because he makes me a better person and a better mom. I am usually too exhausted to show him, yet day after day he is there to hold my hand and pull me through while carrying all our loads!

I know it was God, alone, who brought us together. He joined us in this beautiful union and chose us to be this little guy's mommy and daddy. I know I have not held my end of the bargain on many, many days and I just pray that God continues to strengthen the bond between us as we walk this crazy journey together.

"Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor; for if they fall, one will lift up his companion... Again, if the two lie down together, they will keep warm... Though one is overpowered by another, two can withstand him. A threefold cord is not quickly broken." Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 (NJKV)

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  1. Amen! There aren't that many God-fearing men out there so it's important to encourage and acknowledge the ones that complete us, just like the ketchup that YOU KNOW completes my french fries :)