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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wonderful Essay About Autism- written by an 8 year old!

(get your tissues) I saw this on the Autisable Weblog and HAD to share it here!!! I hope you enjoy it... Nathan will not have any siblings, but I can certainly imagine many of you out there can understand this boy's love for his brother.
Autisable's Weblog Tuesday, 08 May 2012

By Jonathan H. Berry, 8 years old – 3rd grade (Submitted by Sheila S. Hudson, Grandmother)

*Won 1st place at Cooper Elementary School in Loganville GA in essay contest called “Reflections”

Autism from an 8-year-old's perspective

My baby brother, Michael, has Autism and is three years old. He is just now learning to say some words. Autism is something when it is hard for a baby to learn to talk. Sometimes it is hard to understand him. He calls me ‘Jonin’ and he calls my brother ‘Woo-woo’.

Well, he probably has it because God wants me to be a good therapist. I am really good with him. I play with him and help my mom with him. We have a little place for him where there is a pool full of beans, blocks, a work shed, lots of puzzles, a parachute and a tunnel. My mom lets me and my brother, Andrew, go down there with him.  We usually play Clown Town!

Sometimes I help my mom put him to bed. I say, “Let’s go to your room,” and then I get into his bed then get out so he realizes that he needs to get in to his bed. Then, when he gets into his bed, I put on his covers, turn on his music, turn off his lamp and then say, "Goodnight Michael,” and shut the door and go downstairs quietly. 
God gave Michael a gift so I can learn to be around him and know how to be around Autistic kids.  That is why Michael has Autism.

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