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Thursday, June 28, 2012


Hi everyone-

So, this is my new "schtick," but for extremely good reasons. Water safety... sounds pretty universal for all children, right? Well, it's totally different when it comes to individuals with ASD. I'm not sure how I got into all of this... I believe in my heart that God brought this to my attention for a reason. I believe He wants me to pass this information on to everyone who will listen. IT'S TIME TO LISTEN!!!!

It's no secret that Nathan loves the water. Well, not long ago I felt in my heart that Nathan needed to spend more time around other children his age, not in artificially created scenarios with a safe adult at home. He was ready! So, we ended all home behavior therapy (yikes!). Instead, we began adapted gymnastics classes (I highly recommend this place, Flips and Giggles http://www.flipsandgiggles.com/) and swim classes at the Boston University pool. Next to the decision to switch his daycare provider soon after his diagnosis, THIS has been the best decision we've made about Nathan's care!

Well, this week Nathan passed his first level swim class... in a regular non-adapted swim class with neurotypical kids!!!!!! I honestly can't express enough how God is always present in our walk on this journey. "Coincidentally" our swim teacher "happened" to have a younger brother with autism!!! Now, we had not told anyone Nathan was on the autism spectrum! Can you believe that?!?!?! God is SO GOOD! Well, here is Nathan's certificate for completing his class:

Interestingly, right around this same time, there was a huge campaign by the company Sevenly (http://sevenly.org/causes) to raise money for The National Autism Association (http://nationalautismassociation.org/). Well, the main fundraising cause was to fund NAA's "Big Red Safety Box." This is a special kit created for families of individuals with ASD:
As I looked into the NAA and The Big Red Safety Box campaign, I learned that accidental drowning is one of the top causes of death for individuals with ASD. NAA is so serious about this campaign that they have created a website JUST for safety information. I highly recommend that EVERYONE with a loved one with ASD go to this website to learn more: http://awaare.org/

So, now our "recreational" activity of swimming class for Nathan has turned into a life-saving endeavor for him. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, visit this website (http://awaare.org/) to get the information you need to be prepared. If you are still feeling "iffy" about it, watch this video and see the path that the child takes: right over a small bridge over the water:

Still not convinced? Read the following stories. Check the dates of the news stories of the actual cases... all in just the month of June 2012!!!

Are you listening now??? Please visit the websites for your local YMCA or local colleges to see if they offer swim classes. You can also check through your local Red Cross association.


P.S. Here is my awesome Sevenly shirt for the NAA cause. I love it!!!

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  1. Great post, when we lived in Boston we also took both girls to flips and giggles. They are great!!! I also recommend how important is for every child to learn how to swim. I think many kids in the spectrum are born with natural swimming talent. For example Raquel loves the water and we wanted to enrolled in swimming classes, but when it was time to enroll her we realized and saw that she had taught herself how to swim. Still we never leave her alone. Congratulations to Nathan!!!