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Friday, August 12, 2011

The Puzzling Piece

To help me get over the sadness of Jessica moving away, I started thinking back to all the people who have helped our family along the way. I wanted to share about other people who have been instrumental in our family's journey through this puzzle.

The Puzzling Piece was created by a couple of parents of a child with autism spectrum disorder.  What began as a school fundraising project has become an international aide to so many children!  The Puzzling Piece offers what they call "The iPad Challenge."  In exchange for you selling a certain amount of pieces of jewelry/keychains, you receive a free iPad.  NO GIMMICKS!  We got ours when Nathan was still non-verbal and it opened up a whole new world for him!  Once he began to speak, it helped him build his vocabulary.  It has also allowed for me to run errands in the community with Nathan and it was instrumental when we were tracking all sorts of factors to try to figure out why Nathan was struggling so much with his behaviors.  Oh and I should add that part of the sales goes to Autism Speaks!  I wear my necklace quite often...

What has also inadvertently happened is that many of the "challengers" have become a sort of support community for each other, offering advice, tips and encouragement.  That was my favorite part of the challenge!  So much so that one family decided to make a video to help promote this project.  It's SO nice to feel you have people who are walking the walk with you and can really empathize!

Brett and Melissa are angels on this earth!  They have given so much for our kids!  Please take a minute to check out the video that one of the challenge winners (parent) made:
Puzzling Piece video

Here is the video they had previously made...Brett and Melissa had nothing to do with this.  The families were so touched that they decided to do this for them.  Here is the original video they made:
Original Puzzling Piece Video

Here are Brett and Melissa on the local news:
The Winters on the News

To learn more about Brett and Melissa, The Puzzling Piece and the iPad challenge, please visit their website:
The Puzzling Piece

Have a blessed day!

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